what is PeeBS?

Peebs is the best peanut butter you’ll ever taste.

The peanut butter that isn’t as dull as dishwater. Peanut butter that won’t destroy your toast. Peanut butter so good that it’ll entice you, surprise you, it’ll spoil every other spread in your home for you. Peebs is what peanuts were born to become. Normal butter? That’s in the past, by the end of this sentence you’ve become a peanut butter person. Welcome to the world of Peebs.

Peanut butter isn’t rocket science. If it were there’d be a peanut powered rocket on its way to Mars right now, but there isn’t it, is it? So peanut butter comes down to a bunch of very simple things. Great peanuts. A very large mixer with very sharp blades. That’s pretty much it. You’ve got yourself our delicious, natural range of peanut butter. You like chocolate, we add some really good cacao nibs and \you’ve got chocolate peanut butter. You like American style classic peanut butter, simple we add some Americans…no wait that can’t be right. Here we go, our how to make American style classic peanut butter recipe book, a little salt, some of that handsari sugar, a stabilizer and you’ve got that classic all American

why PeeBS

Why Peebs? Are you really asking yourself that? It’s peanut butter man, yummy, gooey, delicious peanut butter. It comes in 6 amazing flavours and textures. It makes everything better. Toast? Better with Peebs. Carrots? Better with Peebs. Team morale building exercises in the office? Better with Peebs. Look just order it, it take two clicks and a little bit of money and that’s it, enjoy your Peebs and tell your chacha, your phoofa, your bua, your neighbour’s maasi ki chachi. Tell everyone, spread the word. Spread that peanut butter.

Welcome To the World of

Peanut butter so good that it’ll entice you, sur-prise you, it’ll spoil every other spread in your home for you. Peebs is what peanuts were bornto become.

Why are we here?

To change the world, youneed to be a little nutty.

Who are we here for ?

We are here for all the nutty people who aren't afraid to push the edges and are eager to explore, enjoy and experiment with food

What do we do and how do we do it?

We are a plant-powered peanut butter company that is on a mission to help Indians get their daily dose of protein, through the tastiest and most flavourful way possible.

meet punky

Hey, I'm Punky, welcome to the world of Peebs. We're all a little nutty here and it looks like you'll fit right in. Trust me, I know a great nut when I see one. Let me guess what's on your mind, this is the coolest mohawk that you've ever seen right. I guess I've always been a rebel at heart. Why the gloves? Cause I'm classy like that, and you never know when you'll be challenged to a duel. How about you grab a jar of Peebs and join me in my next adventure, the world loves a great pair of nuts.